Our story

Our story

Our story

Empowering Operations Teams.

In fintech or insurance, when you start growing, this is what happens

Expectation: “I’ll spend time building a great product and customers will love it”

Reality: “I’m in operations hell, I need to hire human analysts as fast as I can to run my business”

This is what we experienced at our previous company. We worked on automating KYC but still ended up having 300+ outsourced analysts performing manual tasks. We had to build a whole system to monitor quality, efficiency and maintain SLAs.

Enter Fragment.

The team

We're both engineers and met during our studies at Polytechnique & Stanford.

We believe in a future where human agents complement software and focus on meaningful tasks.

We want to help companies automate the "boring" parts of their processes by building the next generation infrastructure for automated workflows.

Olivier Moindrot


Guillaume Genthial


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